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National Hog Farmer

National Hog Farmer, the hog industry’s authoritative source for business management and production information. 

The business information source of the hog industry for over 50 years. National Hog Farmer provides professional pork producers with breaking news, business management guidance, and timely production information needed to keep modern pork production systems competitive and profitable.

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Producers read and rely upon our livestock publications for production, management and marketing insights. 

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National Hog Farmer Digital Editions

National Hog Farmer digital editions allow access to top news and information with the click of a button. Whether on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, digital editions provide easy access to readers favorite content and your marketing message.

Advantages of Digital Editions:

  • Timely: Provides readers instant access to the latest issue
  • Interactive: Enhances the user experience through interactive elements including video, article narration, polls, animation and more
  • Portable: Delivers responsive content to devices and platforms anywhere and anytime of day
  • Sharable: Allows readers to easily share and download content
  • Metrics: Generates user data and analytics to help you better reach your target audience

National Hog Farmer Daily eNewsletter

NHF Daily delivers market, production and legislative trends and analysis for U.S. and Canadian pork producers and allied industries each weekday. Our newsletter subscribers depend on us to bring this vital pork industry coverage to them. Opt-in Subscribers: 10,700

Our new and exciting website design offers marketers even more innovative ads and promotion units, SOV options and serves producers with easy-access and more interactive options. We’re excited to offer you these new opportunities.

Please consult with your Farm Progress account representative to learn more about our extensive digital ad units and audience impact options.

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