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Feedstuffsanimal agriculture’s leading source of news, information and analysis on the important issues affecting the business of producing food and fuel for the world markets.

Agriculture today is run by astute business professionals. Among Feedstuffs’ subscribers, 20% work for and run companies with $100 million in gross annual sales. Sixty-five percent of Feedstuffs readers hold administrative management titles and 86% indicate they make and influence purchasing decisions on animal health products, biologicals, equipment, feed ingredients, financing and more.


Use digital more today than 2 years ago


of Ag producers spend >1 hour daily online


of Ag producers spend >2 hours daily online

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Farmers and ranchers read and rely upon our 13 local brands for ag production, management and marketing insights. 

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Feedstuffs Digital Editions

Feedstuffs digital editions allow access to top news and information with the click of a button. Whether on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, digital editions provide easy access to readers favorite content and your marketing message.

Advantages of Digital Editions:

  • Timely: Provides readers instant access to the latest issue
  • Interactive: Enhances the user experience through interactive elements including video, article narration, polls, animation and more
  • Portable: Delivers responsive content to devices and platforms anywhere and anytime of day
  • Sharable: Allows readers to easily share and download content
  • Metrics: Generates user data and analytics to help you better reach your target audience

Feedstuffs Daily eNewsletter

Feedstuffs Daily provides industry insight from Feedstuffs editors each business morning that includes news, business, policy, markets and nutrition and health research. Content is specifically created for Feedstuffs readers and users. Opt-in email subscribers: 11,100

Feedstuffs Poultry eNewsletter

Feedstuffs Poultry provides monthly industry insight from Feedstuffs editors on the poultry industry, includes news, business, policy, markets and nutrition and health research. Content is specifically created for Feedstuffs’ top-end poultry industry readers and users. Deployment is monthly on the first Monday of the month. Opt-in email subscribers: 10,500

Feedstuffs Alert eNewsletter

Feedstuffs Alerts newsletter keeps our readers and users informed as significant news happens. Feedstuffs Alerts are prepared by Feedstuffs editors and are delivered directly to subscribers’ email inboxes. Published weekly and as news breaks. Opt-in email subscribers: Feedstuffs paid subscribers.

Feedstuffs in Focus is a weekly look at the hot issues in the livestock, poultry, grain and feed industries. Join us as we talk with industry influencers, experts and leaders about trends and more. Feedstuffs in Focus is produced by the team at Feedstuffs. Promotion is done through Feedstuffs digital channels, including and Feedstuffs newsletters. Distribution is through Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and more podcast platforms. Custom podcast programming also available.

Sponsorship opportunities available. Contact us for details. 

Connecting the innovators, suppliers, change agents and big thinkers powering the animal health/nutrition and feed and feeding sectors around the globe. Feedstuffs 365 offers regular weekly programming, including longer format webinars, breakout discussions, roundtables, tech talks, interviews with industry leaders and experts and breaking news events.

Please consult with your Farm Progress account representative to learn more about available partnership and programming opportunities.

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